The Local Transport Plan (LTP)


The Local Transport Plan (LTP)

The Local Transport Plan (LTP) sets out the plans of the Local Highway Authority on their proposals to address congestion or safety on the local highway network for a number of years (typically five), and will include not only measures to provide new bypasses or local highway improvements but measures to manage road space and improve public transport and active travel and encourage its use.

The Local Transport Plan is subject to public consultation but unlike a Unitary Development Plan or Local Development Framework is not the subject of a public inquiry by the Secretary of State’s Planning Inspectorate. Following this process the Local Transport Plan is then submitted to the Department for Transport to secure a bid for capital funding for the proposed program of works.

The Local Transport Plan should complement the policies set out in Unitary Development Plans or Local Development Frameworks with respect to the aims of modern development planning and tie into both national and local policies on the effective use of land in relation to the type and density of development and importantly its location with respect to the availability of public transport and local facilities. As such the policies and proposals set out in a Local Transport Plan may be a 'material consideration' in the determination of development proposals (planning applications and UDP/LDF submissions).

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