Post Planning Approval


Post Planning Approval

Following the grant of planning permission (Post Planning Approval) there will normally be a series of planning conditions attached to the development which must be discharged prior to either commencement of construction on site or the occupation of the completed dwellings, buildings or development.

Highway works are often addressed in principle only in the Transport Assessment or the Architect’s design for the development and typical conditions require, for example, the submission of detailed construction plans and specifications for the access point, phasing of the development,  parking or service areas or the physical measures (such as new bus stops and shelters) to encourage access by sustainable transport.

Delivery of Off Site Highway Improvements

Where the traffic impact of the development is such that off-site highway improvements are needed the means by which this is achieved is via an agreement with the Local Highway Authority under Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980. This legal agreement allows alteration to the public highway where there is benefit to the public by the improvement works and the works are required to enable the development to proceed.

After initial discussions with the Local Highway Authority the consultant proceeds to provide full construction drawings and specifications for the works which will allow both costing and construction to take place. These plans are provided to the Local Planning Authority for approval as part of the discharge of planning conditions and the works are normally implemented and completed before the development is brought into use. It is however quite normal for such designs to have been investigated by the consultant during the Post Planning Submission process to enable his client to be fully aware of the likely costs and phasing involved.

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