Post Planning Submission


Post Planning Submission

Following the submission of the planning application (Post Planning Submission) discussions often take place on traffic and transportation issues between the Transport Consultant and the Local Highway Authorities Development Control Engineer and the Local Planning Authorities Planning Case Officer. The Transport Consultant will examine any issues raised to either address concerns or provide additional supporting information to validate the arguments put forward in the Transport Assessment or Travel Plan.

Where the Transport Assessment has identified the need for off-site highway improvements or during the negotiation period these become a requirement of the Local Planning or Highway Authority it is usual for the Transport Consultant to examine these in enough detail to be able to advise their client on the likely cost implications and deliverability of the works. This is important not only for budget costs, which may impact on the viability of the project, but if additional third party land is found to be needed through a requirement of the Authority which may seriously affect the delivery of the works or the overall project. It is also prudent to consider the potential impact on statutory undertaker's equipment, which can result in excessive costs to protect or divert them. There can be a time frame impact in checking this data and it is recommended this is obtained as soon as practically possible preferably prior to any designs taking place so these can be designed out as part of the preliminary detailed design process.

In addition to the above the consultant will examine objections and concerns raised by local residents or by local representatives (Local and Town Councillors) and will respond to them either direct to the Planning Case Officer or via the Project Team planner.

When an application is placed before the Council’s Planning Committee the Transport Consultant may be required to represent the applicant on these matters and to give a short presentation on the traffic and transportation elements of the scheme and to be available for any questions arising from the Committee debate.

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