Road Safety Audit and Environmental Assessment


Road Safety Audit and Environmental Assessment

Where significant changes to the local highway network are proposed as a consequence of either the proposed access arrangement or off site highway improvements it is usual that the preliminary designs are subject to a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit (RSA). This document accompanies the Transport Assessment and provides an independent assessment of the key design and operating arrangements of the highway works. Some Authorities insist on a Stage 1/2 Road Safety Audit being a more detailed assessment of the improvements requiring more detailed design information than a Stage 1 RSA.

Major planning applications can also be subject to the requirement of an Environmental Assessment where all aspects of the development are examined in detail and the potential environmental impact of the proposal on the surrounding area, (landscape, flora and fauna, wild life and residents) is qualified. Like a Transport Assessment an Environmental Assessment is subject to a formal scoping study where its need and then its contents are first agreed with the Local Planning Authority.

The assessment provides empirical input on traffic and transportation matters and guides other professionals, such as Noise and Air Quality consultants into the potential impact of additional traffic on the local road network.

The Environmental Assessment builds on and utilises the detailed information provided in the Transport Assessment and then sets out the likely impact of a number of factors. Reference is also made to any mitigation measures which are designed to reduce any adverse impact of the proposal. The Environmental Assessment covers both impacts during the construction of the development and during its subsequent operation.

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